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Morning Cuppa

So, a slow start for me today.  Yes, I know it’s not really morning here in the states, but for me being more on a kiwi sleep schedule, it’s still morning.  And a weekend morning at that.

So what do you get first thing in the morning when trying to wake up for the day to come?  Most Americans will tell you that the best and only thing is a big cup of coffee.  But for me, it’s a big cup of black tea.

This morning, we have a Harney and Sons cup of Big Red Sun.


Harney And Sons Big Red Sun

Medium Brew strength

It’s a deep, rich black tea with a good amount of caffeine to the cup.  very hearty, very tasty.  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning when you have things to do.

For me, I like to add some cream and quite a bit of sugar, but even then it’s still powerful enough to get me going at the right time!

like now!

gotta run!