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There is something oddly comforting about knowing that if I look up into the sky at night, no matter the time of year, I will always be able to find Polaris, the North Star.


And it’s even more comforting to me knowing that in the fall and winter I can look up into the sky and see Orion and the Seven Sisters.  It’s a pleasure.  A delight.  And yes, it tends to ease my mind.


ever since I was little and I started to realize the constellations were there, I would be able to find Orion and I would talk to him. Of course he would never answer me back, but I tended to take that as a good thing.  No, I would talk to Orion, vent my fears and frustrations that happened at school, this was long before blogging.  And a diary never worked for me, I could never write fast enough.


So over the years, it’s been just something that I did, I would go outside at night, look up into the sky, find Orion and say Hello to him.  And to the Sisters, who’s names I can never remember, but it’s  awfully rude to just ignore them, so I say Hello and offer my kindest well wishes, and then along my way I go.


Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a bit peculiar, why do ask?


But here’s the rub.  I won’t be able to see Orion or the Sisters, or even Polaris and Cassiopeia down in New Zealand.  Well, they will technically be up in the sky during the daytime, but seeing as you can’t really see the stars during the day, that is quite moot.


So, I need to learn about the sky of the South, the Southern stars and the Cross and whatever else there is to learn about the night sky and astronomy.  I think one of the first things I’m going to ask E to do is to go out with me one night, find a patch of earth somewhere away from the city lights, lay out on a blanket and just look at the stars.  See if we can find the stream of the Milky Way crossing over the dark blue blanket of night.


Yeah. That’s something pretty nifty I would think.