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Seasons Change

Wow.  Not since April.  Huh.


I guess this is where everybody expects a big info dump of my life in the last 5 months.  Truth to be told, there’s not much to tell.  I’m still in New Zealand, I’m still madly in love, and I’m still unemployed!


There, my life summed up.  Well, ok there’s more to it than that.  I’m still going to the gym, and I’m still losing the weight.  Slowly, but it’s happening. It’s steady, and I’m looking more at a lifestyle change than rapid “ohgod get it off me before summer!!!!!”.  Because even when summer hits, and even after I hit my goal weight, I’m still probably not going to wander around in a bikini.  It would just be weird.
And blinding.  My skin’s a bit… pale. Light would reflect from the surface of my skin and blind everybody.


Hmm.  maybe this could be the start of a new trend.  Nobody minds wearing bathing suits because nobody can see anybody else due to blinding skin whiteness.


Anyway, what else is happening?  Well E and I went back to the states to visit my parents and go to PAX again.  I suppose I could do a post all on those once I get my head straightened back out.  Pax was awesome, just saying.  Even if I didn’t go anywhere near the expo hall or do anything overtly geeky (although I suppose spending two entire days playing board games is a bit geeky.  But i got to be a pirate in one and the other I killed zombies! Totally not geeky!).


And now, I’m back home, getting back into the fitness swing of things, back into the crocheting swing of things, and back into the packing swing of things.




Why yes, packing.  Because in about two months we’ll be living in a new place.  And so when that happens, people pack! it’s a natural thing, no need to be afraid of it.


So yes, I am back.  I will do what I can to keep you all updated with the absolutely mundane things that make up my life.  Even if all they are revolve around the gym, my crochet, and tea.


Tea can be entertaining, right?



Today’s Brew:  Twining’s Earl Grey

Total cups so far: 5

The Plan

So, tomorrow, well midnight tonight, starts nanowrimo down here in this corner of the world. Just about 12 hours from now and the month of tap tap tapping on my keyboard commences.

So what am I doing on this day of freedom before the literary slave drive in my mind kicks into overgear and I can’t stop the creativity from flowing out even though I want to?

I’ll probably be spending as little time on my computer as possible. Saving up the wrists and things.

I’ll be lamenting the fact that I can’t order tea from the englishteastore.com and so be unable to enjoy that which has become my noveling obsession. Their “Buckingham Palace Garden Party” tea blend. Oh what an addictive tea. Earl Grey and Jasmine. I have not quite found anything close to it down here, and that is saddening for me. But I shall endeavor to move forward without the elixir of creativity!

I won’t be doing anything for Halloween, as I just won’t. And for the first time, I won’t be starting to write exactly at midnight. I’ve gotten too old to stay up that late. So my day tomorrow will start with a healthy breakfast of Cheerios (if E leaves me any), a big mug of Twining’s New Zealand Breakfast Tea (very tasty!), and my keyboard. And a blank piece of electronic paper.

And from that magic brew, I shall create another piece of the puzzle that is Ahlterra, and one day use these pieces to form and create a world and a story that will captivate the minds and hearts of millions of fans!

Or, just get it out of my head finally.

To those of you having Halloween, Have fun! Enjoy! And to Those of us getting ready to write….

Heads down, fingers moving, we can do this.


I’ve yelled at myself something fierce lately.  Trying to get myself psyched up for writing again.  And I knew it all was going to start with a blog post, or seven.  But which one?


Do I sit down and write about how great it was to be working where I was working, but how fantastic it is to not be there anymore?  Or about the fantastic people and coworkers that I had while on my brief stint there, but at the same time, how grateful I am that I’m not there anymore, and can sit with myself and my thoughts?


How about I write about how horrible I’ve been at the physical fitness stuff, and how I’m still hovering at the same weight, which granted it could be worse, but I was going to get myself moving.  I can tell you that I am in much better shape than I was when I first set foot on kiwi soil.  I nearly died while climbing and walking the trails at Piha beach, but I actually made it through two days of fairly intense (for me) walking while in Rotorua.


What about that trip to Rotorua?  Do I just post a bunch of photographs and give a brief overview of the trip like I did when we went to Piha, or to Manganui?  It was a fantastic trip, and the scenery was breathtaking, the food delightful, and the time to unwind with Ee was superb. And even the pain from the walking and climbing was a sweet pain to me, near tear jerking, but sweet.


And food! What about food?  I have been cooking lately now that i’m not working.  And I’ve made some interesting things.  Including my own version of pierogies!  I really should write about them too!  The soups I’ve made, the sauces, the dumplings that we’ve cobbled together, all very intriguing topics for conversation!


And my goodness, I turned 30!  What a momentous occasion, a glorious day, a rather anticlimatic hump.  no really, it wasn’t that traumatic.  Other than I can now say that I’m 30 with a straight face without all of those preceding words, “I’m going to be turning…”  No, no more future tense for me.  I am 30.  And it kinda feels nice.  But at the same time, now I get into a whole bunch of other things. Like where am i going now that I’m here. What happens next in my life.


So where do I go from here?  I’ve got some work experience in New Zealand, but what happens next?  I know that I don’t want to work in a call center again, but I know that I want to work.  But what do I want to do?  I’ve toyed with the thought of part-time work, since I do enjoy being home and being the ‘housewife’, but I also like having my own money.  And having my own money would lead to a whole other world of things.  I’ve been looking at bigger flats and a car of my own.  I’ve almost given up on the vague dream of having a scooter, since that would be impractical, both due to weather concerns, as well as potential offspring.


So yes.  This is what I’ve been thinking, and so many choices actually leave me paralyzed a bit.  I’ll work on getting around to most if not all of the topics above, eventually.  I just need to make a list and then work down them one at a time.


So I am not dead or missing, just busy, happy, and overwhelmed.  Also, look forward to posts detailing the process that I’m going through in order to get my next visa.

Bubble Tea

I’ve decided that there will be posts about the different foods I’ve had since moving here.  I’ve already introduced you to the Red Bean Paste Bun (or Azuki bean), and to mochi.  Today, we travel to the exotic world of Tea.


Yes, tea.


Now, I know I’ve posted on here about tea before and it’s not something that a very many people think about being unique.  However, most people that I know in the states have never experienced Bubble Tea.  Or Pearl Tea.  And even the concept of Milk Tea is slightly foreign.  So, let’s start with the easy one.


Milk tea.  Sounds fairly simple right?  It is.  Think of your favorite iced coffee with cream.  Now, make it tea instead of Coffee.  Fascinating right?  A thought that never really would occur to most Americans, but there it is.  Tea with milk and sugar is a hot beverage, not a cold one.  But for the longest time I thought that about coffee.  Until I had a properly prepared iced coffee.  It’s the same way with Milk Tea.  It sounds strange, until you have it.  And then, somewhere in the back of your mind, it clicks and you realize that this is good.  And how in the world had you not thought of this first?


That brings us to Bubble Tea.  Or Pearl Tea.  Now, it’s easier for me to describe Bubble Tea once you’ve seen a picture of it.  So, here we go.

Thanks to agapetea.com for their image

Now, that is standard milk tea. But those black things in the bottom? That’s the Bubbles.  Of tapioca.


Got it? Ok, we’ll move on.


now, I’ve had Bubble Tea before, when I went to DC to meet E for the first time, we went out to a teashop and they had bubble tea for sale.  I tried some and I was, confused by it.  We had some the other night, tried it, and I was still confused.


The tea comes in a plastic cup with a plastic seal on top (at least to the place we went to) and you get a really BIG straw and you stab the plastic seal in one easy swipe, and then you sip.  And as you sip the tapioca pearls travel up the straw and into your mouth.


Now, I’m sure you’ve had tapioca pudding and you know that odd gelatin type texture that is on the tapioca pearls.  these pearls are much larger.  Much larger. I would say smaller than a dime, but not by much.  And the pearls do come in smaller and larger shapes as well.  But the ones that we had the other night were about dime shaped.


And they’re gooey and sticky and jelly-like and it just feels odd.  The tea itself is usually quite good, a bit hard to describe really because you’re so focused on the fact that you have this odd sphere of goo in your mouth, but good.


Can I heartily recommend Bubble tea as much as I did Azuki buns and mochi?  Not necessarily.  I’m still out on Bubble Tea.  I’m hoping to find a shop around here that offers the smaller pearls so I can try again.


But I can definitely endorse Milk Tea and highly highly recommend that you try some yourself.  A great way to cool off in summer’s heat.  I personally would suggest jasmine, mint, or lavender flavors as they lend themselves quite well to the lightness of adding milk and the cooling effects needed on a hot summer’s day.

Morning Cuppa

So, a slow start for me today.  Yes, I know it’s not really morning here in the states, but for me being more on a kiwi sleep schedule, it’s still morning.  And a weekend morning at that.

So what do you get first thing in the morning when trying to wake up for the day to come?  Most Americans will tell you that the best and only thing is a big cup of coffee.  But for me, it’s a big cup of black tea.

This morning, we have a Harney and Sons cup of Big Red Sun.


Harney And Sons Big Red Sun

Medium Brew strength

It’s a deep, rich black tea with a good amount of caffeine to the cup.  very hearty, very tasty.  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning when you have things to do.

For me, I like to add some cream and quite a bit of sugar, but even then it’s still powerful enough to get me going at the right time!

like now!

gotta run!

A new thought

So, maybe I will start doing some tea reviews. Tea and tea products. I have enough teas in the house to make it at least slightly interesting.

This might just be an idea…..

Tea Leaves

So there used to be, and in some places still is, entire subcultures around reading the tea leaves to tell the future.  Pretty cool, right?  I’ve tried it myself and I don’t really see anything, other than tea leaves, so I’m probably not the best person to come to about this subject.


That being said, there are certain things that can be told about me based on the tea that I’m drinking.  I don’t really know why, but on top of drinking certain teas at certain moods, I also tend to crave or desire certain teas at certain physical moods.


For example, right now I’m feeling rather down in the dumps and physically just blah.  the hormones i’m taking for BC are seriously messing with my body.  Tried some of those newer pills with the 3 months off, 1 week on… It’s turned out more like 2 months off, 1 month on.


But the physical pain that comes along with it is rather, well, painful.  And when I’m in pain, typically menstrual pain, I go for a specific blend from Stash Tea (http://www.stashtea.com).  Stash’s Fusion green & white tea.  Something about the blend of teas, and I’m sure the added antioxidants or whatever it is in the green tea that makes it so healthy helps.  But right now, this tea is just fantastic for me.


It just makes everything feel so much better.


More on moods and the teas that go with them in later posts!