Visa Tracker- Updated!

I am going to be placing below the list of all the things required of me to get my next visa.  And I will be keeping track of how much they cost and how long the process is/has been.

Fingerprints/FBI Background Check–

Fingerprints completed and paperwork mailed August 17, 2011

-Results received 10 November, 2011

-Cost: $18 USD for background check; $25 NZD for shipping: Total=$43

Passport Photos for Visa application and Medical Paperwork

-6 required, come in sheets of 4, so obtained 8

Completed on 19 September, 2011

-Cost: $30 NZD

Medical Examination

Completed 20 September, 2011

-Cost $240NZD

Chest Xrays

Completed September 22, 2011



Completed September 22, 2011


Visa paperwork

-To be handed into immigration at some point beginning November

-Cost  $310

-Completed and submitted 28 November,2011


Photographs to Prove Time Together

-Completed 27 November, 2011

-Cost: $26


Total Amount Spent for this Application:



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